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The Knot on Call

Combat at sea is exceptionally difficult, especially when a giant magical crocodile is involved.


  • Tamen
  • Mildin
  • Shimmel
  • Serrin

Having returned from Enar Maher’s tomb, the group was able to identify most of the things they retrieved with an important exception: the bejeweled chalice from the sarcophagus. Arberius then contacted them with news that Ortella’s coma got worse, and unless they could break the ritual within a few days she was probably going to die.

Before leaving for Kerrab, they spoke with Dril Maher, who suggested that wizards in Coeur, Eastwatch, or Kerrab might be able to identify the cup. They figured the best choice was to book passage to Kerrab, so Tamen set off to work that out. Yorek’s guards surrounded Maher’s home, indicating they knew of the plan to take their master down, and Mildin/Shimmel/Serrin had to flee.

Dock side of the city (from

Finding that Salandas also had the town surrounded, Tamen booked passage on a trading ship captained by Keyvor Dallian, not caring where it was headed. The others rushed to the docks and got on the ship, called the Knot on Call. Though three guards managed to make it onto the ship, the group defeated them and kept one alive to question.

Keyvor was impressed by the group’s fighting, and sought to hire them for protection from pirates. Though they indicated their deadline to save Ortella, the offer was promising. Then they learned that, unfortunately, the Knot on Call on was heading south, to Velion then to Eastwatch. Since some help might be found in Eastwatch, they altered their plans.

Alligator (painting by Manuel Sanjulian, found credit via

Before the ship could reach Velion, however, it was attacked by some of the very pirates the captain was worried about. With a swiftness, they destroyed the masts and fired a latching harpoon to the side, then boarded.

The group managed to help fight off the overwhelming force of pirates in two sets – Tamen and Shimmel remained on the Knot on Call to help fight the invaders while Mildin and Serrin snuck onto the pirate ship. The captain of the pirate ship, Vergon, had a giant crocodile under his control, though. The crocodile nearly capsized the Knot on Call. A majority of the trading ship’s crew – including Captain Dallian – were killed, but Tamen and Shimmel held the line. Unfortunately, the Knot on Call took took too much damage, and sank.

Mildin and Serrin managed to outwit Captain Vergon, despite his possession of some powerful magic, and took him captive. Exploring the ship before the others arrived, Mildin and Serrin found little more than skeletal remains on the orlop deck and impenetrable darkness in the hold.

A glowing green crystal (from

Upon taking over the pirate ship, Serrin found a magical crystal in the captain’s quarters. When he touched it, ownership of the pirate ship transferred hands. Vergon explained that the curse placed on him was finally lifted, and that now Serrin was cursed to always remain on the ship, sailing Andrissar’s waters and plundering when possible.

So now the party is in possession of an infamous pirate crew’s ship, with time running out for Ortella, and one member is cursed to always remain aboard.

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