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The Orchard

Buried in a crypt with some unusual features, the party finds a helpful item.


  • Tamen
  • Mildin
  • Shimmel
  • Serrin

After some discussion about which path the party should take, they were unsure of what would be the most helpful. Tremundo left for a personal quest, as did Septimus. Amid their discussions, they met Shimmel and Serin who signed on to help them.

As they talked over their options at the tavern, the party was approached by the Mayor of Seene, Dril Maher. He’d overheard that the party had a frustrating encounter with Yorek Salandas, and wanted to help them. Upon meeting with him in private, Maher explained to the party that Salandas had arrived in Seene and taken over forcibly. Though he’d been forced to capitulate under threat of blackmail, Maher would like to get his city back from the unusually powerful merchant and his well-armed thugs. Serrin proved his skills quickly, sneaking into Maher’s office and obtaining a unique ring from the desk.

A tomb in the middle of a swamp (from

Maher gave the party what information he knew about Salandas, and indicated that there may be a source of his uncanny powers that could be countered. He admitted that the information used to blackmail him was his family’s history: His grandfather dabbled in necromancy. But since that past could be helpful, the party visited the tomb of his grandfather, Enar Maher.

The tomb itself was west of Seene, set amid a fetid swamp, infested with all manner of undead and unseemly creatures. Throughout the tomb, the party encountered multiple rooms with an invisible but powerful heat source, often filled with rotting apples and other fruit.

A dusty tomb in shambles (from

While the creatures of the tomb taxed the party to its limits, and they set off a water trap that nearly killed them all, they managed to make it through without anyone dying. Shimmel’s wild magic helped in unexpected ways, as well.

Upon reaching the sarcophagus of Enar Maher, the party found several magical items they could use on various pedestals throughout the chamber. More importantly, they opened the sarcophagus itself and found a unique object – albeit without any indications how to use it.

A magical chalice on a pedestal (from

Amid Enar’s possessions buried with him was a beautifully decorated chalice of immense magical power.

Tamen believes they’ve found something that can counter Yorek Salandas, the only question now will be identifying how to employ it.

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