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Failing Trader Alliance

The party gains an ally, learns about a threat to the land, and is bullied by an enemy.


  • Tamen
  • Mildin
  • Tremundo
  • Septimus

The party left the Velion patrol guard outpost. Despite there being reports of bandit attacks along the way, the party headed to the main road in order to reach Seene faster.

After a day’s travel without incident, Ortella suddenly slumped forward. Without warning, she fell from her horse and convulsed after hitting the ground. The party observed someone fleeing in the distance, leaving Gaerros behind to tend Ortella as they chased the suspected assassin into the nearby woods.

Upon reaching the alleged assassin in a clearing, they found a person lying on the ground. An ankylosaurus and a werewolf were poised to attack the person, but the party fought a tough battle to defeat them.

After dispatching the curious combination of creatures, the injured person thanked them for their assistance. The person explained they were actually a couatl, cursed by their mortal enemy – unable to revert to their true form and their powers drastically limited. Through discussion, the party learned the couatl’s named was Arberius, and the mortal enemy was a necromancer, Calvor, known to Gaerros. When the party explained Ortella’s condition, Arberius offered to see if they could help.

Returning to Qhosan’s carriage, Gaerros informed the party what he learned through prayer: Ortella’s condition was caused by the death of a creature bonded to her. Since she didn’t have long to live and they didn’t know the religious rituals to undo the bonding, Arberius placed Ortella into a stasis and the party agreed to seek out a preacher in her homeland of Kerrab. They continued to Seene, but were ambushed a gnoll raiding party.

Gnoll with hyena, watching a traveling group (from

When the party arrived in Seene they were met by a suspicously oversized and overpowered city guard. Their captain claimed that Qhosan attempted to assassinate Yorek Salandas, the merchant prince who resides in Seene. Rather than risk an all-out brawl, Qhosan freely gave himself up and was taken to the city’s lighthouse, which functions as the headquarters for Salandas.

Mildin investigated the situation in the city, learning that despite there being a government structure, Salandas was in charge – having taken over the city guard, shipping businesses, and markets.

Ominous lighthouse (from

The party opted to confront Salandas, leaving Arberius and Gaerros with Ortella. As they approached his lighthouse, they could see a slaughtered lamassu hanging from the top of the tower. Yorek emerged to threaten the party, his guards surrounding them. He invaded the mind of one member, indicating knowledge he shouldn’t possess. Aloud, he indicated that Qhosan ordered Ortella to send her bound lamassu after him.

Recognizing that they needed to formulate a plan for resolving this situation, the party regrouped in the city to discuss their next move:

  • Head to Kerrab and locate a priest to undo the bond with her dead lamassu?
  • Figure out a way to spring Qhosan from prison and/or defeat Yorek Salandas?
  • Seek out Calvor and assist Arberius, who might be able to help in both of those scenarios once their powers are restored?

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